Baška is a coastal town located in the south of the Island of Krk and one of the oldest tourist destinations. In the area of Baška, there are a number of sights, there is attractive Baška tablet (Croatian: Bašćanska ploča) and the church of St. Lucia for lovers of cultural tourism. Also, Vela plaža is an attractive beach, with numerous cafes, restaurants, hotels, and private accommodation around it. In our offer, you can find private accommodation on the island of Krk that will suit all your needs and make your vacation perfect for you and your family and friends. Check our offer and enjoy the beautiful island of Krk.


Baška is a coastal village located in the south of the island of Krk. The municipality of Baška includes the island of Prvić (the largest uninhabited island in the Adriatic) on the south side of Krk, and with it Baška is covering an area of 101km2. The area of Baška has been inhabited since prehistoric times, in Roman times (2nd century BC), and is especially famous for Croatian history and culture as a source of Croatian literacy through Glagolitism and the Baška Tablet. There are 1674 permanent residents in the Baška area..


Tourism in Baška

Baška is one of the oldest tourist destinations on the island of Krk. In 1908, a swimming pool was opened in Baška, then first one on the island. The first hotel in Baška was open in 1906. The largest beach in the town is Vela plaža, a naturally pebbly beach that stretches to 1800m. Vela plaža beach also carries the European Blue Flag for quality. Along the beach there are a variety of amenities including cafes, restaurants, hotels and private accommodation. In addition to Vela plaža, there are a number of smaller, private beaches in the Baška area, most of which are accessible by foot, but some only from the sea.
For lovers of cultural tourism, there are a number of landmarks in the Baška area, the most prominent of which is the church of Sv. Lucius in Jurandvor, the site of the Baška Tablet.

Vela plaža
Symbol of Baška and its landscapes, the bearer of the Blue Flag, offering a beautiful view of the crystal clear sea, this spacious beach is stretching 2 km along the coastal promenade in Baška. Suitable for all ages, from children who love to play in the sandy areas to young people who are having fun sports activities or in the bars and the elderly who want a break under their beach umbrellas. The beach is also accessible to people with disabilities.
Vela luka
Listed among 8 most romantic beaches in Croatia with its sandy sea bed, sandy beach and spectacular surroundings. In the bay there is a restaurant. Besides the sea path, it is available by a walking path about 6 km long, which is starting from Baška. If you reach the beach on foot and you are too tired to return you can also rent a taxi boat that will take you to your desired location. We recommend bringing your camera with you because the view from here is breathtaking.
Mala luka
Just 10 minutes walk from Vela Luka, there is Mala. In the area between Vela and Mala Luka, in the area called Bosar, there was a Roman settlement. The little harbor is surrounded by grasslands and sheep, and you will often have the opportunity to see a shepherd guiding them. Also nearby is the Corinthia Fort, from which you will enjoy beautiful views of both bays.
Bunculuka Camping Resort
Just minutes from the center of Baška, Bunculuka is a naturist camp located in a secluded cove among pine trees. Pets are welcome at the camp. There are many pebble beaches in a quiet locations. The camp offers numerous entertaining contents. Located in preserved nature, this camp offers a truly carefree holiday.
This beautiful wild bay can be reached on foot by footpath nr. 13 from Baška (southwest of the camp) or by boat. There is also a small restaurant that is only open during the summer months. This cove is ideal for spending a night on boat, due to its safety.
In addition to these beaches, Baska also offers: Konjic, Vrženica, Jablanovo, Storišće andDubna beaches,as well as Škuljica, Palada, Spiljna, Mudraki, Iškrinja. Many can be reached on foot, but some require a boat or taxi boat. To Vrženica it takes about 20 minutes to walk from the camp Banculuka and Jablanovo beach is a little closer. After Vrženica it is possible to reach other bays like Dubna or Konjska, but it takes about 1 hour to walk.