Kornić is a place on a hill above Punat bay. The nearest larger towns are Punat (3km) and the town of Krk (8km). It is located very close to the coast (about 700m). There are 433 inhabitants in the Kornić area. Traditionally, the inhabitants of Kornić are engaged in olive growing and sheep farming.
Tourism in Kornić
Due to its favorable geographical location, close proximity to large towns and Puntarska draga, Kornić develops tourism based on apartments and private accommodation. As a place located at important traffic intersections, Kornić is an important destination for cycling enthusiasts.
Rocky and pebble beach in Punat Bay, which attracts many visitors with its cleanliness and offer. On the beach there is a restaurant, and across markets. Amenities offered include children's slides, diving schools, and pedal boats. In addition, there are showers.
The beach, open to pets, offers a beautiful view of the islet of Kosljun. The beach itself is part of the beach bar and offers visitors everything they need for a carefree.
Cable Krk/Ski Lift Dunat
If you are looking for adrenaline, this is the place for you! The Dunat ski lift is located between Kornić and the town of Krk. It covers an area of 400m². Many people spend all day here because the facility consists of a restaurant, a board shop, a sun terrace, a beach. They also offer the service of renting the necessary equipment as well as instructors.
Beach bar Casa del Padrone
This beach bar offers everything you need for a carefree day. They offer sun beds of various sizes, top gastronomic service, as well as water sports (wind surfing, diving) and speedboat rental. You can also relax in a special corner for massages when you wish.