The town of Omišalj is located on the northwest coast of the island of Krk with a beautiful view of the Kvarner Bay and Rijeka. This town offers many facilities for guests such as excellent restaurants, landscaped pebble beaches with sports and recreational facilities. In addition to the many sights in the city itself, you can also visit the nearby ancient Roman city of Fulfinum, open to tourists. In our offer of private accommodation for rent, you can find modern luxury villas with sea views, apartments with nature views, and beautiful holiday homes.


Omisalj is a town located on the northwest coast of the island and is the first place on the road from the bridge to the south. With the city of Krk, Omisalj is the oldest settlement on the island, and today it has about 1871 inhabitants. It is built on a cliff about 85 meters high and it has a magnificent view of the Quarner bay and town Rijeka.

Omisalj has a rich cultural and historical heritage that keeps the old town Omisalj in its streets, churches, chapels, bell towers.

We should mention Dubec park that stretches to 8 km2 from the sea to the city walls where you can see most of the island's plants, as well as those imported.

Tourism in Omisalj

Tourism in Omisalj began to develop in 1925th, when tourists came only sightseeing, but with the arrival of electricity in the city, was built the first hotel, first beach was made and Omisalj become a popular tourist destination located near the bridge.

This tradition, despite a nearby industry, managed to keep up till today and now offers many activities for guests such as excellent restaurants, well-kept beaches with sports and recreational facilities. In addition to the many attractions in the city itself, one can visit the nearby ancient Roman city Fulfinium open to tourists.

The most important thing for tourists is, of course, accommodation in Omisalj. Several hotel companies, and numerous private apartments and rooms in private houses but also the camp, are available during the summer.
The public pebble beach Pesja is located at the end of a 3 km long bay near the marina Omišalj. It is about 1 km away from the city center. The beach "Pesja" is located at the end of a beautiful bay, in the pine shade, overlooking the Bay of Omišalj. Just above is a very nice playground for beach volleyball and a playground in the shade as well as a picnic area.
Učka beach
It is located on the other side of Omišalj harbor and overlooks Dubec park and the old part of the Krk bridge. Along the beach is the abandoned Hotel Učka.
The isolated and situated near the bridge of Krk, and can be reached by macadam road or by boat. Due to its protected location, this cove is popular for boat owners as well. The peculiarity of this beach is the quiet and beautiful nature that surrounds it. The sea bottom is sandy. The beach, and its surroundings offer a natural shade.
Newly renovated pebble beach, suitable for disabled people. It is located at the beginning of Stran Street. Due to the lack of nearby restaurants, it is advisable to carry everything you need for an all day stay.
Camp Pušća beach is suitable for families with children as well as visitors with pets. It is possible to walk to the beach on foot without paying for the beach entrance. The camp is equipped with a grocery store, restaurants and a children's playground.
The beach Voz is about 200 meters long, about two meters wide and descends slightly into the sea. This is followed by a wide lawn with shady trees. Other than trash cans, there is no infrastructure here. Gravel, sand and stones can be found in water. The bay is very popular among sailors, because it is protected from wind and waves. For all visitors, the bay offers a sensational view of the Krk bridge.
Public beach with a lot of offerings, from pastry shop to clothing boutique. Located below Hotel Adriatic.