Brzac is a small place located in the western part of the Island of Krk, about 1000 meters from the sea and beaches. Because it is located at a higher altitude, each house has a beautiful sea view. The beaches are rocky and pebble and surrounded by greenery, and in the place, there are no hotels or camps but only holiday homes, apartments, and luxury villas. This location surrounded by nature near the sea is ideal for a family vacation with children. In our offer, you will find holiday homes with private pools and beautiful apartments near the sea.


Brzac is a small village located on the west side of the island of Krk, which is also called Sotovento. There live about 172 inhabitants, mostly engaged in fishing, olive grows, and more recently tourism. It exists from 15th century when Prince Frankopan settled that part of the island.


Tourism in Brzac

Brzac is situated about 1000 meters from the beach. Since it is located at a higher altitude, almost every house has beautifull view of the sea, and the channel between the islands of Krk and Cres.

The beaches are mostly pebble and rocky surrounded by greenery.

Brzac has no built hotels or camps, but for tourist accommodation almost each private house has available apartments and rooms, also vilas.

Near Brzac is Glavotok, the place where you can visit the Franciscan Monastery and the protected forest reserve.

The ferry port Valbiska, which connects the island of Krk with islands of Cres and Rab is 7 km away from Brzac so, for those who spend vacation here , day trips to neighbouring islands are unavoidable.

Brzac is a quiet place, surrounded by beautiful nature, near the sea, and an attractive location for families with children.
It is located west of the village of Brzac and can be reached by car by a gravel path that starts in the village. The last 600 meters of the trail are not accessible by car and must be walked (adequate footwear is recommended). Because of its position cove is very popular among the sailors, and in the immediate vicinity there is also a lighthouse. The bay north of this is called Komostrin, and the south is Marnja. As with all bays and beaches that are not in close proximity to populated areas, the recommendations are to bring everything necessary for a carefree stay.
Jarjakul Bay is located southwest of the village of Brzac and can be reached by car on a dirt road that starts in Brzac.