Malinska is a place on the Island of Krk located on the northwest coast whose residents are mainly engaged in tourism, which is why everything is subordinated to tourist facilities and offers for guests. Thanks to the favorable climate, health tourism began to develop, and due to the rich fauna, hunting tourism. In the center of the town is a harbor, and a little further beautiful pebble and concrete beaches with many facilities, sports - recreational activities, and you can find long bike paths that attract tourists. In order for the offer to be complete, there are also numerous restaurants, bars, and clubs that make Malinska stand out in terms of nightlife and entertainment. We offer villas with saunas, heated pools, and hot tubs, luxury villas, and beautiful holiday homes that you can rent.


Malinska is a place on the island of Krk located on the northwest coast in large bay, on a distance of 15 km from the Krk bridge. It has about 965 inhabitants.

Malinska was the only place on the island without an urban center, but in the 18th century takes on meaning construction of the port when Malinska become one of the major export ports.

Today the inhabitants of Malinska engaged mainly in tourism, and everything is subordinated to the tourist attractions and offer for guests.


Tourism in Malinska

In the 19th century, the arrival of a steamboat in Malinska, between Trieste - Krk, brings the first tourists.

At first, they based their visit on a daily basis, sightseeing tourism. Thanks to the mild climate began to develop health tourism, and thanks to its rich fauna, hunting also.

Today, Malinska is destination on the island with a rich and long tradition in tourism. In the center is located a port and walking further, beautiful pebble and concrete beaches with many contents, sports - recreational activities that attract tourists. Along the coast are maintained walk paths and biking trails so Malinska is connected with Njivice to the north and harbour Porat to the south.

Malinska has a hotels located along the coast, but also a wide range of private accommodation and apartments in private houses that are available in summer but during winter also. For complete tourist offer in Malinska, there are numerous restaurants, bars, clubs so Malinska is well known for its nightlife and entertainment.
Beach Haludovo is the most popular among children, because of the shallow sea and sand that make it ideal for playing. Below the whole complex are smaller beaches, mostly concrete and rocky. Although the complex is no longer in operation, the beaches are well maintained and clean. Next to these beaches is the beach of Hotel Maestral.
It is located in the center of Malinska, partly paved and partly covered with sand. It is surrounded by a green park, and is located near apartments, restaurants and shops. The beach is equipped with showers and changing rooms, as well as a children's playground. This beach is convenient and provides access for people with disabilities.
It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Malinska, located in the bay of Rova near the hotel. There are no roads between the beach and the hotel, which makes this beach ideal for families with children as parents can enjoy the sea carelessly while children explore the surrounding area.
Fully decorated hotel beach with a rich offer (water sports, sun beds, restaurants and bars). In addition to relaxing on sun beds, it also provides a lot of fun with numerous parties organized daily during the summer months.
One of the most famous beaches in Malinska, it belongs to the categories of concrete and pebble beaches. With many trees, it provides protection in the natural shade. Showers are also available and restaurants are located nearby.
This beach is located between Rova Beach and Draga. It can be accessed by car, bike or on foot. Near the beach there is a parking lot. Surrounded by thick pine forests, this place provides a great shelter during the hot summer months. It is a quiet destination that offers peace and intimacy.
Rajska plaža
If you are looking for relaxation and tranquility this beach is a place that we definitely recommend. The beach is completely natural, surrounded by dense pine trees. It takes a bit of a walk to find the perfect spot. Since it is really out of the crowd, it is recommended to take all necessities (drinks, food).
Vantačić and Valica
Mostly rocky, with beautiful views during sunrise and sunset. Located near apartments, surrounded by forest and natural shade. It offers restaurants, a water park and water sports.