Njivice is a coastal town in the northwest of the Island of Krk, located only a few minutes drive from the Krk Bridge and Rijeka Airport. In the past, the residents of Njivice were engaged in fishing, animal husbandry, and olive growing, but nowadays, due to its favorable location, traffic connections, and natural beauty, Njivice is becoming a popular tourist center. In Njivice you will find beautiful beaches, numerous restaurants, cafes, and other tourist facilities. In addition to two hotels and a campsite, Njivice offers a large selection of private accommodation. In our offer, you will find luxury apartments with a pool and hot tub, apartments near the beach, and attractive villas.

Njivice is a coastal village in the northwest of the island Krk, south of Omišalj to which they belong administratively. The drive is only a few minutes away from the Krk Bridge, Rijeka Airport and Malinska in the south. In the past, residents of Njivice have been engaged in fishing, livestock breeding and olive growing, but nowadays, due to its convenient location, transport connections and natural beauties, Njivice is becoming a popular tourist destination. Njivice today has 1115 inhabitants.
Tourism in Njivice
The beaches in Njivice are pebbled or tiled, while there are a number of smaller, more private beaches outside the town. The Njivice center is a port close to restaurants, cafes and other tourist attractions. There are two hotels in Njivice and a campsite. Recently, private accommodation in apartments or family holiday homes has become increasingly available in Njivice.

It is located in the Kijac neighborhood and pets are allowed. The dog beach has trash cans, including bags. The beach is pebbly, offering the water trampoline and pedal boats. There are many restaurants in the area as well.
Pod crkvu
The beach in the center of Njivice, consists of several "capes", that is, you can choose between a pebble beach, a concrete part, a rocky area and a nudist beach. With refreshment restaurants, parents with children can relax as the beach is equipped with a trampoline, water world on the sea and pedal boats as well.
Along the promenade in Njivice, next to a forest that provides natural shade. Rich in amenities such as restaurants, stalls and cafes. There are even two nice chill out beach bars.
This secluded wild beach is located in a hard-to-reach bay. There are many hiking trails and mountain biking trails in this area, and nearby (slightly inland) is the Mohorov archeological site.
This lonely wild beach is very difficult to access. There are numerous hiking and mountain biking trails in the area. The Omišalj Refinery is a few bays away.