Kras is a village on the island of Krk, in the municipality of Dobrinj, and in its area in recent years has developed a tourist offer of rural tourism, with over 30 luxury villas and holiday homes with swimming pools. The area of the Kars and Dobrinj region thus becomes the center for this type of tourism on the Island of Krk. In our offer, you can find numerous accommodations for rent including holiday homes with heated private pools, beautiful rustic holiday homes, villas with outdoor and indoor pools and sauna, and beautiful luxury holiday homes with pools. Find the ideal accommodation that suits all your needs and have a good holiday with family and friends.

Kras is a village of the island of Krk, located in the Dobrinj municipality. It is approximately equally distant from the coastal settlements of Malinska, Šilo and Vrbnik - a short drive away. There are 227 inhabitants in the Kras area.

Kras was first mentioned in 1230. In the past it was a larger and more populated place (over 700 inhabitants in the first half of the 20th century), but the population decreased with emigration from the island.
Tourism in Kras

Rural tourism has been developing in the Kras area in recent years, with over 30 luxury villas and holiday homes with pools. The area of the Kras and Dobrinj area thus becomes the center of this type of tourism on the island of Krk.