Dobrinj differs from other places on the Island of Krk because there are no hotels, camps, or a large selection of private accommodation, but it is a well-known tourist destination for day trips. Dobrinj is attractive because of its rich cultural and historical heritage. In the center of town is the old part of town with the parish church of Sv. Stephen from the 12th century. Next to the square, there is an ethnographic museum in which a treasury of island handicrafts and tools has been preserved, and next to that museum there is another smaller private museum and a museum with a sacral collection. Dobrinj is a quiet place, surrounded by beautiful nature, in the heart of the island of Krk that is worth visiting. In our offer of accommodation for rent you can choose between holiday homes with pool, villas with sea view, holiday homes with hot tub, villas with pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and other luxury accommodation surrounded by nature.


Dobrinj is a place on the island of Krk, situated above the bay Soline at an elevation of 200 meters, where live around 111 people. The place is inhabited since the 7th century and although it has never had more than a thousand inhabitants, it was called the City. Inhabitants are today, as before, mainly engaged in farming.

Dobrinj is different from other places on the island. It is not located on the coast, and it doesn't have hotels, camps to accommodate tourists. Few aparments in private houses are available during summer. However, Dobrinj is a famous tourist destination for day trips because of its rich cultural and historical heritage.

In the center is located, of course, the old part of the parish church of Sv. Stephen from the 12th century. Near the church is located old park offering a beautiful view of the bay Soline. Near the square is located ethnographic museum, which preserves treasure of the island's artifacts and tools, and with the museum there is a small private museum and a museum with a collection of sacred. Also, there are nurtured folk traditions and costumes, dancing and sopele ( traditional instrument), which can be seen on the festival held in August.

Near Dobrinj is the place Gabonjin that belongs to municipality Dobrinj where you can visit glagolitic path of St. Peter and learn glagolitic alphabet.

Dobrinj is a quiet place, surrounded by nature in the heart of the island that is worth visiting.
Slivanjska (Rudine)
Rudine is a small and old village on the island of Krk. It is best known for the Biserujka cave. You can park in front of the cave. Then you should walk about 5 minutes to the entrance to the cave and then right down the stairs to the bay. There is a small sandy beach at the top of the bay. Behind it stands the old "Slivanjska" ruin.
Wild Bay near Biserujka Cave. The bay is accessible only by sea.
Sulinj I, Sulinj II
The beaches are sandy and accessible by boat, on foot and by car. Parking is available nearby. The sea is crystal clear. The beach surrounding is a forest.
Sv. Petar
In the far north of Soline Bay, this beach is remote and accessible by gravel road or sea. From Čižići, drive to Rudine and then turn right, and the parking lot is 150 meters from the beach. This beach is pets allowed. The forest surrounding it offers a pleasant natural shade.
Bunorica Beach is pebbly and gives you maximum peace and relaxation as you will be sharing it with maybe a few others. It is advisable to bring everything you need to stay, including beach mat. Parking is available nearby and it is also accessible by sea.
A pebble beach with a rich natural shade and extremely clear sea, offers a beautiful view of the open sea. It is accessible by sea, by car and on foot. We recommend that you bring the necessary drinks and food as there are no restaurants/bars or shops on the beach.