Apartments, luxury villas and holiday homes in Pinezici

Pinezići is a coastal town located on the west coast of the Island of Krk. This tourist destination attracts more and more tourists every year because of its beautifully landscaped concrete and pebble beaches, surrounded by sea and pine forests, and because of the quiet locations ideal for holidays with children. There are many attractions for children such as aquaparks, but also beautiful promenades for elders and the popular bay "Jert", where there is a cafe where you can drink coffee during the day, and in the evening it is a place for going out. In our offer, you will find rustic holiday houses near the beach, apartments with a pool and sea view, and beautiful villas for rent.


Pinezici is a place located on the west coast of the island of Krk, ideal for a relaxing vacation in a beautiful natural environment. It occupies an area of 9 km2. It takes about 300m from the coast and port situated in the bay of St. Fuska. There live about 213 inhabitants, and the place has been inhabited since the early Middle Ages.

There are a large number of rental options, from modernly furnished apartments with sea views to luxurious villas and holiday homes with a pool. Most properties are located in the center and in close proximity to the beach, allowing for various activities such as tasting gastronomic delights, cycling, and hiking.

Residents of Pinezici are mainly engaged in farming, fishing, and more recently tourism.


Tourism in Pinezici

Pinezici is tourist destination on the island which attracts an increasing number of tourists each year. Nicely arranged pebble and concrete beach, surrounded by the sea and pine trees attracts tourists and are an ideal destination for vacation especially for families with children.

The beaches are enriched with numerous attractions for children and adults, such as the aquapark. Along the coast there is a walk path and you can reach many smaller, untouched beaches.

The main beach is situated in the bay "Jert", where during the day you can drank coffee, eat snack’s or ice cream and in the evening it is a place to hang out.

Residents of Pinezici offer quality accommodation in private apartments and rooms in private homes and villas and some of them are available during the winter months. 

Residents of Pinezici offer accommodation in modernly furnished apartments near the beach, rooms in private holiday homes with pool, and luxurious villas with jacuzzi, some of which are available during the winter months.  Also, all lovers of camping accommodations can stay in camp.

The ferry port Valbiska, which connects the island of Krk with islands of Cres and Rab is 3 km away from Pinezici so, for those who spend vacation here, day trips to neighbouring islands are unavoidable.




Jert Pebble beach in Pinezici


The beach is located in a pine forest large enough for all visitors. Proud Blue Flag Holder for her crystal clear sea. The location is quiet but still filled with all the amenities you might need during the day. Pinezici is a special place, a place to enjoy and relax in the magic that the island has to offer.


Fuska Pebble bay in Pinezici


On the southeast side of the bay, there is a charming pebble beach that attracts visitors with its beauty, crystal clear sea, natural shade and relaxed atmosphere. This harbor beach is located near the village of Pinezići.


Torkul Pebble bay in Pinezici


This beautiful bay, that will delight you with its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere, is located in the vicinity of Pinezići and in it there is a small marina in the summer months especially popular among boat owners. From Pinezići, follow the directions to Torkul and follow the macadam road. The bay north of Torkul is called Ripanj. It is recommended to carry everything you need for a carefree day on the beach as in there aren't any nearby restaurants or supermarkets.


Grkmort Wild cove in Pinezici


This beautiful wild bay is located near the village of Pinezići, and next to it can be reached by gravel road. This hidden bay, known for its untouched coastline, crystal clear sea and picturesque surroundings, offers intimacy and privacy, making it perfect for escaping the crowds and relaxing in nature. Parking places are nearby.