Stara Baska

Stara Baška is located along the coast in the southwestern part of the island of Krk. The population is engaged in tourism, fishing, beekeeping, and sheep breeding. Stara Baška is a unique place on the island of Krk due to its specific karst relief. Only one road leads through the place, and just before the entrance to Stara Baška, there are numerous beaches that need to be reached on foot. The sea there is very clean, and the beaches are mostly rocky, pebble and sandy. From Stara Baška there is a beautiful panoramic view of the islands of Cres, Rab, and part of the island of Krk. There are no hotels built, which is why private accommodation dominates, and in our offer, you will find holiday homes, apartments, and villas for rent.

Stara Baska

Stara Baska is situated in the southwestern part of the island, and stretches about 2 km along the coast. There is inhabited 112 people, and the place belongs to the municipality Punat. Inhabitants are mainly engaged in tourism, fishing, sheep farming and beekeeping which is favored by an abundance of aromatic Mediterranean herbs.

Stara Baška is populated in the 14th century when the refugees from the Turks, moved there.


Tourism in Stara Baska

Stara Baska is a unique place on the island due to the specific karst relief. Through the place leads one road in some parts very narrow. In the summer months along the road above Stara Baska can be seen many parked vehicles on the road. Specifically, before entering the village, there are many beaches, but are accessible only on foot. The sea is very clean and the beaches are rocky, pebbly and sandy.

At the entrance to the Stara Baska is camping site, and the road ends at a port where are situated restaurants and panison's. There's no built hotels and private apartments and rooms are dominating.

Stara Baska offers a wonderful panoramic view of the islands of Cres, Rab and part of the island Krk.

Stara Baska is the ideal choice for an active vacation for its macadame roads that lead through the island's highest peak, Obzova, all the way to Baska.
One of the most beautiful, but also the most inaccessible beaches in this place. It is located in the bay and one of the ways in which one can get to it is from the mainland by narrow and rugged trails. It is recommended to start in appropriate footwear. The road to the beach may be inaccessible, but it's worth the effort because once you reach the beach you won't regret it. If you are not a fan of such times, you can approach it by sea, using one of the many offered boat trips.
Golden bay
4 km from Stara Baška and only accessible by boat. It is a very popular destination, surrounded by an impressive rocky landscape of golden color. The sea is crystal clear, turquoise, and the beach is almost white, pebbly.
Zala draga
Beautiful wild bay, southeast of Stara Baška. It is advisable to take the necessary fluids and food, and because of the rocky bay and sea urchins it is necessary to pay attention. During the summer months, a beach bar is open there.
This beautiful beach is located about 10 km away from Punat, and between the bay of Oprna and the campsite Škrila. Above the beach there is a parking lot, from which you need to come down (adequate footwear required). Given the location of the beach and the lack of natural shade, it is advisable to bring everything you may need during your stay there.
It is located in the first bay east of the port of Stara Baska. The bottom of the bay is mostly sandy and sometimes rocky and the sea is crystal clear. If you are coming by sea, it is necessary to pay attention on two rocks that are located in the northern part of the bay.
Surbova Bay is located just 1.5 km east of the port of Stara Baska. It can be visited from the mainland, gravel road or boat. Along the way you pass the bays of Peteh and Zala Draga. Anchoring in the bay is forbidden. Anchorage is possible only in the far southeastern part of the small sandy beach.
Stara Baška is rich in bays and beaches accessible only by boat. Some of the better known are: Crnikova,Drenova, Pokrive.