Klimno and Soline

Soline bay, Klimno and Cizici

Soline bay is located on the northeastern coast of the island. It belongs to municipality Dobrinj as well as nearby places Klimno and Cizici. The bay was named after the saltern that existed there in Roman times. Today there live 284 inhabitants.


Tourism in Soline bay

Soline, Klimno and Cizici have developed due to its medicinal mud. Sea is at a very low level, so it is always warm, and the beaches are sandy what attracts many visitors.

On the coast there are restaurants and family rooms, which also offer accommodation, but the same can be found in a number of accommodation establishments and private apartments built on the coast of the bay. In the vicinity of the bay is a cave Biserujka that makes this place even more attractive holiday destination.
Komoriška Beach (also Punta) on the south side of Soline Bay is a small sandy beach. The beach is especially recommended for families with young children. It's 30 m and and 5 m wide and offers plenty of natural shade under a beautiful pine forest. Campsite Slamni is located in the immediate vicinity.
Meline Beach is located in Čižići. This beach is known for its healing mud and ideal bathing conditions as it is warmer than the rest of the island. Medicinal mud plays a major role in relieving rheumatic pain, making skin radiant and soft. To get into deeper water you have to walk longer because the beach is very shallow and after 100 meters the sea is still up to your knees. All this makes this beach ideal for the whole family and all day long fun, as well as a new experience.
Camp Slamni beach is made of gravel. Near the beach is a beach bar, and next to it is a bowling court that can be used throughout the day. Children can play on the children's playground, and there is a swimming pool. Fun and animation programs are also organized for the youngest in the evening.