Poljica and Bajčići

Poljica and Bajčići
The villages of Poljica and Bajčići are located in the western part of the island of Krk, in the area called Šotovento. They are about a kilometer apart and about 10km from their administrative center, the town of Krk. In Poljica and Bajčić there are 200 inhabitants. Historically, residents of the area have been involved in livestock breeding, farming and olive growing. 
Tourism in Poljica and Bajčići 
Poljice and Bajčići are interesting because of their close proximity to the coast (a few minutes drive to the town of Krk, Pinezic and Glavotok), but also because of their historical heritage. Poljica has a very well preserved indigenous architecture of stone houses, Renaissance buildings and a Gothic church from the 15th century. The places themselves have no more developed tourist offer besides private accommodation and vacation houses.

The bay of Čavlena is located halfway between Glavotok and Malinska, and the road to it goes through Poljica or Porat by car, or by boat from the sea. This area is known for its large old oaks. Beneath the beautiful cove with stones and gravel, you will be protected by natural shade. There is also a small harbor and this is a popular bay for fishermen.