Punat, a place on the southwest coast of the island located in Puntarska Draga, stretches along the coast to about 34 km2 and there live around 1,913 inhabitants. Municipality Punat comprises two places, Punat and Stara Baška. Punat is more recent origin, and the place is divided into old and new parts.

The inhabitants of this town have always been occupied with fishing, farming and shipbuilding, from which was once created the first marina on the island with three berths, and today it is the largest and one of the oldest marina on the Adriatic. Local people are also known for its olive groves, which are used in health care and tourism purposes, and there is a mill for processing olive oil.


Tourism in Punat

As in most places on the island, the most important activity in Punat is tourism. Here is particulary important, because of the before mentioned marine, nautical tourism, and the most frequent visitors are Germans and Austrians who here have their own boats and yachts.

Punat, as a tourist location, offers hotel accommodation in its three hotels, private accommodation in private houses, and has three camps from which one is nudist camp.

Along the coast there is a 3,5 km long promenade with pebbled and concrete beaches with cafes and restaurants located directly on the beach, but also with lots of recreational content such as beach volleyball, water slides, rent a jet ski, paragliding and many other activities.

As cultivation of olive trees is developed here, and olives are harvested in the fall, guests at that time staying in Punat can participate in the harvest, visit an oil mill and taste olive oil.
Punta Debij/China beach
The beach first consists of a paved path with sunny and shady areas, then goes over a sandy beach to a pebbly beach. This makes the beach suitable for families, children and entertainment for young people. The official name is "Punta debij", but among younger visitors this beach is called "China beach". On the beach there are toilets and changing rooms, showers, renting beach umbrellas and sun beds, restaurants, sports facilities, sporting equipment rental (parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, aqua park, tubes, bananas, trampolines, surfboards and beach volleyball) and many more (patisseries, cafes and shops). This beach has received the Blue Flag Award for great facilities and crystal clear water. A small street train runs daily along the beach during the summer season and transports visitors to attractive pebble beaches at the end of the bay. The somewhat quieter bay, to the south, is called Gramagul.
The pebble beach is located in the Konobe naturist camp about 3km from Punat. From Punat, the road is very well marked and the beach can be reached on foot by a pleasant hike. North of this bay there are two smaller bays. Part of the beach is partly wooded and partly without shade. You will also find plenty of naturists at the camp. Due to its clean water, unspoiled nature and services for the beach visitors, this beach has been awarded the blue flag.
Mala Krasa
This dog beach is located about 500 meters from Punta Debij Beach. Mala Krasa is a pebbly beach and it is separated enough from the other beaches to allow your pets to move around smoothly. The road to the beach is comfortable, with many shady parts.